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Taiwan media:999

Post Time:2021-01-21


According to Taiwan media economic daily, Murata, a leading Japanese manufacturer of MLCC, and another large Japanese manufacturer, solar power, recently informed customers twice to extend the delivery time by 14 to 28 days, with a maximum of half a year to deliver, highlighting the serious shortage of supply. Not only have the delivery dates of the two major Japanese index factories been greatly prolonged, but the inventory of Taiwan's passive components, Guoju and Huaxin, are also on the low side. The price of MLCC is moving stupidly. The industry expects that the price will rise one quarter earlier than expected after the lunar new year next year. According to industry sources, the recent strong demand for MLCC is mainly due to the rise of residential economy, the continued burning of business opportunities for terminal applications such as pen and tablet, the warming up of vehicle market, and the wave of 5g mobile phone replacement. However, it is not easy to recruit workers, the output of manufacturers can not keep up with the demand, and the market is in short supply. The market originally thought that MLCC will increase its price in the second quarter of next year, and that the market will be hotter than expected, with the two largest Japanese business operators extending the delivery period two times. The price is expected to rise ahead of the lunar calendar, and the performance of the national giant and Hua Xinke will also lead the market. According to the supply chain, in response to the shortage of supply drawings, Murata first informed customers last month that the delivery time would be at least 98 days, and recently extended by two weeks, at least 112 days and 18O days, with the longest delivery time of special high capacity. The sun induced delivery time was originally at least 84 days, and further extended by 24 days to 112 days.



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